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App Development For Winnipeg

Vog App Developers

“We Build More Than Apps, we Build Businesses”

We provide businesses and entrepreneurs with innovative & custom software applications that improve the way they do business.

Our Story

In 2012, Vog was founded to provide entrepreneurs in Canada with a local partner who could help them build high quality mobile applications to launch their businesses. While our customer base has grown to include more established companies in a variety of industries, we hold true to the founding principle that at Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.

Almost a decade and 300+ projects later our approach revolves around three core principles that set us apart.

Our Approach

We believe that the magic happens at the intersection of Technology, Business, and Industry Expertise. At Vog we have worked with hundreds of businesses so we know what it takes to launch a successful software product. It starts with an industry expert that knows the needs, and how the user will interact with the system.

“At Vog we provide both technical and business expertise to compliment your industry knowledge.”

Industry Expertise

Every industry has its own jargon and user expectations. We combine our varied experience with your industry knowledge.

Technical Expertise

Custom development means we can architect the system to meet the unique needs of your industry and users.

Business Knowledge

Behind every successful app, whether it’s internal or public, is a plan for how that app will be distributed, supported, and scale to meet the long term needs of the business.

Our Mission

We Build More Than Apps, we Build Businesses


Our team works in the office to ensure that communication and collaboration are at the forefront. We want the entire team to be accessible at all times.


We want all our clients to succeed, which is why we go the extra mile. We offer consulting, marketing, and planning services to ensure that every business can succeed.


Here at Vog, we want you to understand the importance of tech and business practices. This is why we have accessible resources to educate you before you get started.


Technology is constantly changing, and this is why we have passionate employees with a high willingness to learn. They are willing to find the necessary solutions for the betterment of your project.


Successful partnerships are founded on transparency. We take a ‘no surprise’ approach, meaning you know the price, scope, and capabilities of your project before we even get started.

Successful Partnership

Transparency doesn’t just help businesses become financially successful, it makes them good partners.

Our Partners

Vog is Proud to partner with businesses and professionals, both local and international. The individuals and companies we meet are carefully screened to ensure they align with our values and beliefs.

Who do we Serve

Vog App Developers has become one of the top leading software development agencies serving a multitude of clients from around the world, from entrepreneurial start-ups to medium & large corporations.

Finding solutions is at the heart of what we do.

Improving your business, and sustaining your growth.

Meeting regulations & quality standards.

The Management Team

We are a team of 85+ Developers, Designers, Quality Assurance Analysts, Project Coordinators, Project Managers, and Product Owners.

Vince O'Gorman





Chief of Product Development


Development Manager


BD - Toronto


Maintenance Manager


Product Manager


Web Project Manager


UX/UI Manager


Project Manager


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Android Team Lead


UX/UI Team Lead


Quality Assurance Team Lead


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Backend Team Lead
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Wanna be Part of our Amazing Team?

Our team is a tight-knit crew of go-getters and outside-of-the-box thinkers. If you are hard-working, fun-loving, and are focused on changing the status quo, we would love to get to know you.

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