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5 Reasons To Invest In E-Commerce Mobile App Development

A recent Clutch research shows how the growth of mobile apps in the retail sector is leading business to get a custom app developed for their online store. Making shopping apps easy to use to save app users’ time and improve their buying experience is, in fact, effective. Moreover, Google research shows that 69% of smartphone users say they are more likely to buy from companies whose mobile sites or apps help them easily find answers to their questions. Here are five reasons why you should get a custom e-commerce mobile app:

1. 65% of users say they use e-commerce apps primarily to receive exclusive deals and offers

Well, regardless of how it may seem, there appears to be some evidence that the “exclusivity” approach is still alive and well. One of the most common ways brands leverage exclusivity in their marketing is by giving their app users’ exclusive access to deals. Both customers and companies benefit from exclusivity as it provides exposure to the business deals and serves new shopping options for the customers.

2. In 2018, 40% of e-commerce sales came from mobile devices

Users can browse and shop whenever they find a moment of leisure without intruding on their schedule. No wonder why mobile shopping is growing so fast. If the mobile experience you offer is already top-notch, that doesn’t mean you can afford to ignore future trends. Keep an eye on the major players in your industry, and think about how you can apply their strategies to your store. Users are getting more comfortable shopping via their mobile devices, and the software industry is in its consolidation phase. For this reason, mobile shopping is on the rise, and we have learned that there is always room for improvement. A proof of that is the use of new technologies like augmented reality to attract customers and offer more precise information about products and services as standards for accuracy have also increased.

3. Users who have a negative experience in your mobile store are 62% less likely to purchase from you in the future

According to Google research, people’s expectations for faster and better digital experiences are on the rise. And the mobile web is no exception. If you can’t deliver an experience that’s quick, convenient, and easy-to-use, don’t expect your visitors to come back.

According to Clutch, more than one-third (34%) of the respondents use shopping apps to reserve items for in-store pickup, and nearly one-quarter (22%) use shopping apps to navigate through the store. By offering a mobile shopping app, you show your customers you are always there for them, and it’s convenient to do business with you. Your customers appreciate when e-commerce sites and apps prevent them from wasting time on pointless trips to the store.

4. People who use pure online retail apps the most are likely to make purchases (90%)

Pure online retailers are stores that don’t have a physical location and only sell its good through online stores.

According to the study, pure online retailers produce the most popular mobile e-commerce apps and owe their advantage to quick, simple, and convenient in-app experiences.

5. A majority of consumers still use e-commerce apps to compare products and prices from different retailers (54%)

You can use the app to build new strategies as you have an opportunity to make your audience feel like part of an exclusive bunch every time you start developing new features or product lines. If you listen to your customer and gather the data they are providing to predict future outcomes and build a more efficient strategy, here is your chance to make it happen. It’s no secret that if you can offer a simple, solid and fast app with optimal user experience, you will instantly get an increase in sales.

Mobile has definitely redefined the consumer decision journey for shoppers, another proof of that is a Google study that suggests that 82% smartphone users refer to their mobile phones inside a store when making a purchase decision and 25% in-store shoppers have had at least one online interaction with the retailer in the last three months. Offer a unique and personalized experience with the use of custom mobile apps and get your users to engage and shop more. Contact us today and learn more about how an app could improve the way you do business.