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5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are Revolutionizing The Construction Industry

Thanks to mobile devices, contractors can capture and manage data more easily, and, with the help of a construction management app, use this data in order to increase productivity. Mobile apps can be a wealth of knowledge right in people’s back pocket, so here are 5 reasons why mobile apps are transforming the construction industry:

Increase Productivity

For the construction industry, staying on schedule and within budget can be challenging. Delays and rework in construction projects can cost millions of dollars. However, with the use of mobile applications, documentation, photos, project plans and other pieces of information can be used to create reports and manage processes in order to reduce risks and improve productivity.

Moreover, while it’s not always possible to predict the weather conditions and some other problems that may arise, risks can be reduced as at least managers can organize and sync their operational activities via mobile delivery apps to optimize the schedule and avoid delays.


For the construction industry, the ability to update and share information directly from the job site is an essential part of getting the job done.

Today, mobile apps have advanced so that we can enter, approve and access information in real time even if you don’t have a network connection. In several instances, you can opt to update the information and it will sync automatically once you have connectivity. This is an important feature as with a tablet or smartphone, you can have foremen clock workers in and out, with the information synced immediately with the office.

Improve Processes Flows

By eliminating the use of paper and spreadsheets, construction companies can save hundreds of hours spent on data entry, collating information for reporting, or looking for paperwork that has been lost or filed away.

An app also facilitates communication and gives you everything that is necessary to instantly evaluate each day’s progress to help you plan your workflow



With so many details to keep track of, as hours worked across teams, equipment, projects, quotes, bylaws, and so on, construction managers are at an increased risk of human error. With the use of mobile apps, human errors can be reduced and issues requiring attention can be addressed faster. Furthermore, it can also be used to track completion of regular job-training sessions, improving worker safety and ensuring regulatory compliance. Check out how mobile applications improve Health Safety and Environment management.

Manage Resources

Managers can utilize GPS and other features to track employees and their time on the job. Moreover, as equipment and inventory maintenance can affect a construction company’s bottom line, an app can also help to manage not only people but also physical resources.

With the use of a custom mobile application, your team can log equipment hours in real time, increasing accuracy and cutting down on equipment costs. For equipment breakdown, a mobile app can let your team submit an instant repair request, complete with photos, to get back up and running quickly.

Managers are starting to recognize the need for jobsite-based solutions for the construction industry. By getting your business on board with mobile now, you’ll be ready to take advantage of the powerful applications and devices still to come.

We listed here 5 reasons to get a custom mobile app built for the construction industry and there are many more we can talk about if you contact us.  We can help your business to grow with the use of mobile software applications. It’s no longer a question of if you go mobile, but when.