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Expectation vs Reality: App Development Is a Process

Expectation vs Reality: App Development Is a Process

Are you looking for app development?  Do you have the next “big idea” that you want to show the world? This one fact is hard from some people to hear but here it is… app development is not cheap.

People come up every day with unreal budgets to build huge apps.  We love building apps but some expectations are unrealistic.

For example, a few weeks ago we received a call from an individual who wanted to build a new social network app.  The structure to support such an app is a huge undertaking alone, but we reviewed his documentation and mockups.  To build the network, website, app and supporting back end infrastructure would cost around $120,000.  He had a budget of $4000.  As you can imagine, he did not move forward with the development of his idea.

Or…planning in advance can help create a better-prepared project.

For example, we have a client who provided documentation, wire-frames, mock-ups and detailed instruction on how the app would work. He estimated that he required a budget large enough for 500 hours of work.  By planning and researching he understood the costs and time required to develop his app.

People hear about internet startups and new apps that “take off” overnight and assume this happens with very little capital.  Sadly this is not the case.  Many apps that become popular are around for a long time before gaining real traction.  A lot of the time the app undergoes many updates and changes to get the user experience to a point where the app begins to grow.

Keeping an open mind about the costs and time associated with app development is important. VOG mobile app developer has many different options for app development and app start-ups which we would be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss.  Our goal is to get your app idea to market.  You don’t need the best app to start getting users to use your app, you just need to get to market and build from there.

The most successful apps and clients we have are those who planned their project out.  Planning out your project prior to talking to an app developer is a huge advantage for both development cost savings and development time.

Not sure what your app would cost? That’s okay!  If you would like one of our VOG App Developer team members to contact you use our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.  Remember, the more information and documentation we can look at, the better.

P.S. We don’t care if you have your app idea drawn on a napkin.