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Artificial intelligence and the use of mobile apps

How Artificial Intelligence is Boosting Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about pattern recognition and develops its pattern recognition skills through machine learning (repetition over time). AI can recognize patterns in data, words, phrases, and images. Moreover, it can even pick out the habits of the human user from the data it collects.

What not to love about AI? You can run a whole business combining mobile apps and AI. A good example is Uber as you don’t need to explain the address to the driver, don’t need to stay alert in fear of missing the correct turn, didn’t need to beg and fight against taxis who refused to go anywhere. The entire system was designed to minimize the need for interaction between the passenger and the driver. You get in and relax until you arrive at your destination, moreover, for a reasonable price. To top everything off, drivers and riders can rate each other at the end of the journey to make sure things are running smoothly. However, humans play a big part in this scheme, not only because Uber needs drivers, but also because issues will arise and machines can’t solve it all.

Ray Kurzweil, Google’s Director of Engineering, says that by 2029, computers will have human-level intelligence. Considering that mobile devices are in fact computers, does it means that our smartphones will become as intelligent as us? Even though his prediction could be right, humans have feelings and, as long as we continue being humans, we will always have the urge to feel heard.

However, there are lots of things we can do using AI to save time, increase productivity, streamline processes, keep track of what’s going on, and predict outcomes. Here are a few things we can do today with the help of AI when developing an APP:


We enjoy the fact that they can be essential in a fast-paced digital world where things run 24/7. However, in some cases, chatbots can become a problem by causing customer dissatisfaction. We hardly suggest to use them as a way to give rapid answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or as a filter that will help to move the user’s requests to the next step (that may require or may not require human interaction). Auto-generated responses can cause frustration; no we need to be mindful of what your business is offering and how you want your user to feel about your product or service. Keep in mind that chatbots can help a lot, but they can also harm your reputation.

Auto-Generated Responses

Well, when using AI we can always blame the fact we are extremely busy humans and, when running a business, we do have to say the same things over and over again. For this reason, there is no harm to using auto-generated responses if you are taking the time to understand the question and is addressing it with an auto-generated answer. You can get it incorporated to your mobile app to save time and establish consistency according to your company’s demands.

Automation Editors

Automation proofreaders are amazing tools to make sure spelling and grammar are perfect when you are writing e-mails, blog posts and business plans, for example. Nowadays, not only your writing can be improved with the use of AI, but you also can get a whole text written by a machine! Automation editors produce automated content through self-service natural language generation platforms. Did you know that journalism has begun to use AI when it comes to the sorts of stories which can be generated based on data? Yes, some companies are using automated writing to deliver content to you by transforming data into clear, human-sounding narratives.

An example is Automated Insights, a business that offers “natural language generation” by tapping into the vast reservoirs of data automatically, producing informational pieces which aren’t seen to need human consciousness (although they still employ automation editors). Well, does it mean that who is writing this article may lose her job over AI? Let’s wait a few more years to see if the machine will be able to be as sarcastic as me.

Speech Recognition

That’s a fascinating one! That’s simply the ability to automatically and accurately recognize human speech. Speech recognition isn’t new, but it’s making some substantial improvements. It can also identify and understand human speech to carry out a person’s commands on a computer.

Recently, we have been learning how useful this AI technology can be by using Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa. Isn’t it amazing the fact that you can use it on your mobile app? Thanks to the speech recognition technology, we also have the voice-to-text technology, which is a quite common feature on the mobile development world because it turns spoken words into written words.

However, when used for customer service purposes, there is still a lot of room for improvements as some users may also feel frustrated when the tool can’t process what they are saying, so we recommend to keep in mind that it can cause the same issues when using Chatbots.

Image Recognition

Image recognition (IR)  refers to the ability of software to identify people, objects, places, or actions in images. Recognizing and discovering an object in a digital picture or a video is possible and can add significant value to your business. With IR and a mobile app, it’s possible to detect and store patterns that may be affecting your bottom line. IR innovation can be utilized to diagnose maladies, to identify license plates, to examine customers, to detect different objects, and to confirm users by their appearances (face detection is an excellent feature if you want to offer another level of security). Moreover, IR can also be used to guide autonomous robots and vehicles or perform other tasks, for example, searching image content. Use this technology as a feature on your mobile app and instantly be ahead of the game.

Landmark Detection

AI with location data in mobile apps can dramatically improve the speed and accuracy for several machine learning tasks including landmark detection and object detection. Location data can serve as input for the model to improve its efficiency in detecting landmarks, while also serving as valuable information for the user about what to do next. Landmark detection is a fantastic feature because AI enables a user to read the radiology of a picture and quickly detect the difference between an artificial and natural structure. This algorithm detects points in the image and represents the information in a structured manner, and Image Recognition identifies a picture to be a possible landmark with the help of geolocation data. Today, almost every smartphone comes with location sensors that provide user’s geolocation with high accuracy. It means that by using geo-sensor data and knowledge about points of interest around a given location, you can collect valuable data to add value and improve your mobile application.

In conclusion, using AI via mobile applications will transform the way you do business. Moderation is essential when it comes to using AI; however, we can’t ignore all the benefits these new technologies offer us, so, be more than intelligent than your computer, put some real thought about this, and get your custom mobile app built by Vog. We are the best team because we are made of humans who love computers.