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Learn how you can increase your HR effectiveness with a mobile app

Introducing New Technologies Into Your HR Practices

With an increase in businesses going mobile, either with an app in addition to their website, or a mobile shopping app, or using an inter-office tracking system, it only seems as though specific processes such as the Human Resources departments would follow suit. How can you increase your HR effectiveness with a mobile app, you ask? Our  App Developers can help you out with a few ideas.

When you think of your HR department within your business, do you automatically think of performance reviews, safety protocols, statistics and endless paperwork? Imagine streamlining those processes within an app designed and dedicated solely for your business needs. A mobile app can do just that for you, quickly and easily. Using mobile app technology combined with your personal specifications and your businesses policies can accurately and seamlessly streamline many processes for you.

Automating and Simplifying

Imagine logging into your company’s mobile app and immediately seeing what status certain projects are at, how your employees spend most of their time, or the least, time on. Imagine being able to sort that data in a variety of ways enabling a reduction in the time to implement strategies and continually evolve and increase productivity, simply by the click of a few buttons.  Other ways to simplify tasks could be integrated a system that checks in with your employees in areas such as:

  • Role-specific milestones or reviews based on certain activities or successes.
  • The ability to track and encourage employee progress, achievements and goals, digitally.
  • Create a timeline for goals, strategies and accomplishments, and receive reminders or push notifications.

Ensuring that your employees feel safe, accomplished and recognized is always beneficial; using mobile software to keep track of employee data and implementing changes or suggestions can always help to make each individual on your team feel important. For a great example of this technology being used by General Electronics (GE), check out this article.

Augmented or Virtual Reality

When you welcome a new employee into your team, imagine creating a virtual environment for them and easily training them on new practices or procedures, through an app dedicated to their individual role. This process will most likely be the way most companies will conduct their training in the near future. Creating AR simulations that could, in real life, pose health or safety risks, can be extremely beneficial in aiding your employees to feel confident and educated if such problems arise on the job in real time. Alternatively, you can create consumer-employee scenarios and get a feel for where your new hire would be best suited in your workplace.


Just take a moment to think about how much your Human Resources team could benefit from these automated processes. It is possible for the software to make life more simple. Integrating it into your other departments, along with engaging your employees and driving efficiency up. This is something your App Development team will be able to create for you. If you wish to discuss further, visit the Contact section of our website. Our App Development team would love to chat about how we can turn your app idea into a reality. At Vog, we build more than apps, we build businesses.