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Marketing Your Mobile App The Right Way: Post Launch

You’ve published your app, you’ve followed our recommendations on the best steps for your mobile pre-launch, and gone through the necessary steps to successfully launch your app, now it’s time to ensure the longevity of your app. Our App Developers have created a 3-part series on the best steps to take when considering the best way to market your app and ensure downloads, profitability and success. Read on for the final part in our series – how to sustain your app’s popularity.

The hard part is over; you’ve gone through the necessary steps to create your mobile app, you’ve also created a marketing plan and put it in place and now you just need to sustain your popularity. To maintain a high ranking score within the app stores and keep the downloads happening, you need to put in some continuous effort to keep the momentum going. Here are a few ways to help keep the downloads happening:

1. Keep Up With Your Advertising Efforts

One of the very best ways to ensure visibility and popularity within the app stores in paid advertising; even if your budget is small, there are many ways to use ads to boost popularity. Another thing to consider trying is Apple Search ads, you can pick between two options – basic or advanced – and there are benefits for both options. Collectively though, this is a really awesome way to stay at the top of the search rankings for your type of app and can bring new users your way quickly and easily. You can learn more about these types of ads here.

2. Reward Loyalty and Referrals

Let’s be honest, we all love receiving bonuses, right? Why not offer your existing users a referral bonus or loyalty rewards to get your app to the top of the app stores. By showing your consumers you appreciate their commitment to your mobile app, you are showing them that they matter to you and your business. Often, businesses will offer in-app rewards or purchase discounts when they refer to a friend or a new user. Be creative with your tactics and watch your downloads continue to rise.

3. Use Feedback Constructively

Whether you use in-app pop-up messages or push notifications to ask users for feedback, actually using the suggestions will put your app ahead of the game. Consumers really appreciate you taking the time to read their comments and suggestions, asking for bug fixes, or simply suggesting ways that they feel could improve your app. That said, not all suggestions will be relevant, but do try to establish an open line of communication for your users because this is one very good way to keep your customers happy and feeling like they matter to you. Another plus is that when your customers are happy, they are way more likely to refer a friend to your app as well.

4. Maintenance and Updates

Keeping your mobile app fresh and updated is a key factor in user retention. Think about ways to update your app, without straying too far from the original look and feel. Tying into the last point, try using your user feedback for ways to continually improve your features or add updates that are relevant to your users’ needs.


All in all, there is no one key factor for success when marketing your app. As this series has shown, diversifying your marketing techniques is really the best way to achieve success. Pay attention to your user base and their feedback, update and use analytics to measure your progress and shortfalls. Do you have an app idea? Contact us today if you’re interested in discussing building an app with us and our team of App Developers would love to discuss how we can turn your idea into a reality. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.