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Mobile First: Best Practices

As the world grows, changes, and begins to move faster, mobile applications have to become catered to everyday life. They need to support individuals where they want it, and need to be engaging to keep users present. Using the best practices can ensure success.

How do you develop an app worth downloading? Well, here are some best practices that will ensure your app has the right foundations for success.


Mobile is a particular driver of performance marketing because users spend huge amounts of time on mobile devices. For this reason, we see exceptionally high levels of engagement and accurate results that can achieve specific KPIs such as app downloads and re-engagement. Learn how to perform better by analyzing those results and getting insights to predict future outcomes.

User Engagement

One of the best practices is to focus on learning more about your audience’s behaviour and how your content can be as effective as possible when it gets to a customer’s screen. User engagement is highly correlated to overall profitability of a mobile application. Individuals have a large amount of competing priorities, to ensure your success, your application needs to be one of the priorities. This is why applications such as Facebook and LinkedIn are very successful. People set aside time for these applications, whether with their coffee, or over lunch.


The relationship between developers and designers always requires compromise and collaboration. Developers are ultimately driven by their problem-solving skills (effectiveness) and designers by the desire to create work that stands out (affectiveness). The best mobile systems, obviously, are built by both. When you combine effectiveness and effectiveness, you get creativity, which is one of the best practices for mobile app development.


One of the most frustrating things is when the desktop and mobile content look different. Users expect to find the same features and locations when using either the mobile or desktop version. Ensuring the delivery is the same for both platforms will l better ensure that your users have the best experience possible.

Bottom Line

The user is important when deciding how to design your app and website. It needs to be understood that they are the ones engaging with the platform, so how will you encourage engagement, and ensure their experience is desirable. These best practices for development are only a few of the many things you can consider.


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