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Planning For An App: What Does It Take?

The planning for an app is what ensures success. The world has been changing drastically over the last several years, and with the global pandemic, companies have been forced to further adapt to the ever changing world. Technology has been the forefront of change, and that includes the adoption of mobile apps.

At this point, you’ve either decided to build an app into a startup, or you’re innovating your current business operations to include an application. Instantly, you have to budget and plan.

What are the key steps for planning for an app? Well, we are here to help. Here are the 6 key steps in planning for an app:

Analyze Needs

Before you can consider moving forward, you need to acknowledge the basis of your need for an application. This is best done through a SWOT analysis. When you analyze your internal and external situation, you can better understand the reason for the application and where it can benefit you 

Platform Analysis

Once you identify the need of the application, it is integral to determine what platform is best for your application. This will heavily influence your budget. The primary two platforms are iOS and android. Lucky for you, Vog has capabilities in both and can assist you regardless of the platform you choose.

Determining Development

When deciding to move forward with an app and a platform, it is important to decide whether you will outsource or if you will choose to in-build. Most companies do not have the ability to in-build. This means that you will have to investigate different agencies. This is an opportunity to investigate an agency’s specialty and their ability to best serve you.

Evaluate Functionality

Before you go to a developer, you need to make sure that you know what you want to get out of the application. This includes in-app purchasing, social media integration, backup servers and other features you want to be able function. It should be understood that the greater the functionality, the greater the cost required to develop it.

Submission of App

A common forgotten step is the submission and the approval of the application. Regardless what stores you want your app to be featured in will cost you. Submitting an app to the Itunes store averages around $100. Other platforms including Google play tend to be more affordable.


This is the most important step. You can have an incredible app, but without the appropriate amount of marketing and buzz generation the app will not succeed. You need to ensure that you buzz and the release of the application are succinct in order to maximize the downloads.


It is important to follow all the steps to maximize the benefit and profitability of you application. Planning has a high correlation to success. It will lead to better budgeting and understanding of your timeline.

Are you planning to develop an app? Vog is a trusted Canadian Company that would be able to help. Reach out to us, and we will be happy to discuss your plan!

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