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Security is a Requirement

Each and every one of us have two lives, a digital one, and a biological one. As technological capabilities increase, the amount of our biological lives we share increases. We trust mobile applications with our data, and assume that their database is secure. While mobile applications used to use their security as a part of their value proposition, security has become a requirement and expectation.

Some companies have faced serious repercussions due to their lack of security. Yahoo, Marriott, and Twitter have all been victim to breaches. Each of these companies had compensations to pay that summed up to be greater than $100 million. As the world becomes more digital the need for security has become increasingly important.

Here are 3 ways that apps can implement security.

2 Factor Authentication

Have you noticed that on many applications you are required to verify yourself through more than a password? For facebook, you need a code generator, and for gmail you need to authorize yourself through a text message. This is because security can be strengthened by 2 factor authentication. The last several years have shown advancements in authentication. We see cellphones using fingerprint and facial recognition to ensure security.

Secure Code

Bugs and vulnerabilities are often the key point of entry for a hacker. Breaches can occur when a hacker finds these vulnerabilities and uses them to break into the application. Studies have been done, and it is shown that 11.6 million devices are susceptible to breaches at any given time.

Two factor authentication will help to secure your front end platforms such as mobile apps or web applications, but true security comes by building a secure server. Experienced developers use best practices to create secure systems and carry out regular system maintenance. 


Encryption is when you ‘scramble’ the data that is being communicated to and from the server. This means that when trying to hack, the data is incomprehensible… that is unless you have the key. This is often used to keep your data secure. This is due to the fact that if the data were stolen, it couldn’t be read or misused.

While this encryption process seems simple, it has great power and protection. 


App Security is no longer a choice. Different ways to ensure security is authentication, secure code, and encryption. With that said, different practices apply to iOS, Android, or Web. At the end of the day, security needs to be at the forefront.

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