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A challenge: Shortage of talent a hurdle for growth of burgeoning local tech sector

Calgary Herald

Date Posted:
June 8th, 2022

Menno Schaefer

“There’s been a big boom in the tech sector, especially in Calgary, so we’re going to see a shortage of developers — it’s supply and demand”

-Vince O’Gorman

The tech industry is growing and changing faster than the labor market, causing a massive shortage of skilled recruits. Calgary is a unique environment for tech, attracting some of the most talented workers and increasing startup funding. However, “the tech industry moves in days and months, not years,” and companies face a significant challenge in finding qualified developers.

Post-secondary schools have emphasized the importance of software programs, but the tech industry is moving faster than the traditional curriculum. VOG mentors junior developers through their LaunchPad program to equip students with industry-ready knowledge and address this challenge.

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