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So You Want to Build an App 101

So you want to build an app? Have an idea and not sure where to get started when building an app? Here’s a step-by-step beginner’s guide of building your brilliant into and app!


Step 1. Come Up With An Idea

Ok, this one is pretty obvious, but first you need a solid idea. Without the idea,  building an app is an impossible task. Whether you couldn’t get a ride on a snowy evening and came up with Uber, or simply think you have a way to deliver food 10x better than how DoorDash does, that’s your app idea. Your idea should either solve an existing problem in a way that is “better” than alternative solutions, like the $3.7 billion Uber idea, or it has to provide value to people in a way that appeals them to download your app, like Among Us, the mobile game where all kids like to hang out virtually during quarantine. All in all, if you don’t have a good idea, you won’t have a good product. 

Step 2. Conduct Market Research

Now that you have an idea, it’s time to conduct market research and validate it.  

Market research will reveal who your competitors are, what mistakes they are making that you should avoid, what do people seek in similar products, and who you should target in the market. This is a key step to ensure you are building a product with a clear differentiator from other comparable apps and that there is a clear and defined market to purchase it. 

This step could be done on your own, through a marketing agency, or a development team that has integrated marketing service.

Step 3. Sketch Out The Details

To build an app based on your idea, you need to have a vision of what the app does and how. This could be done by mapping out a list of features or creating some high-level diagrams. This will allow you to clearly articulate to your development team your end vision and help them properly scope out your project. (If you aren’t sure where to start contact us for our free feature mapping worksheet) 

Step 4. Find a Development Partner

Now, it’s time to look for a development partner who you trust to build and design your app. It is important that you view your development company as a long term partner. Building an app is a process, and you want a development team you and trust and collaborate with. You should look for authentic collaboration in addition to expertise and quality. Try to find a partner that develops in Canada for best results. See our blog post 6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Development Team for more information. 

Step 5. Development

Your involvement should not pause after you hand your project to your development partner. Throughout the development process, constant communication is the key to a successful project. A good development team will take time to understand your vision of the app and provide insights. Ensure that you communicate clearly about your needs and respond to updates in a timely manner so that resources and time can be used the most effectively. Building an app is a collaborative process and needs your input and engagement throughout the process. 

Step 6. Release Your App

You’ve finished development and you are ready to launch on app stores! Keep in mind that this process is going to take some time as Apple and Google will have to review your app before it goes live. Ensure your development team understands all Apple guidelines and develops your app with them in mind. Apple has numerous rules and guidelines and won’t approve apps that don’t comply. Also remember, the Apple and Google app stores take 30% of your first year’s sales and 15% after that! 

Step 7. After Launching Your App…

The launch of your app is not the end of your app business but the start! It is now time to ensure your app reached your target market. Clearly define a marketing strategy and constantly collect user feedback to ensure optimal customer experience, and build a road map for future features.  

Bottom Line

At Vog we build more than just apps, we build businesses. We are a Canadian business and want to work with you. If you have an app idea, let’s work together to bring it to life! Contact us.