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The 5 Benefits Of Using Push Notifications

Using push notifications is a very popular way to increase engagement and get your message out to your users effectively. What exactly are push notifications? Our App Developers have created some key points to help you understand and use this useful tool to your advantage.

First things first, let’s explore the difference between texting and push notifications. People will often confuse the two and most think that these two options are the same, but they are not. Push notifications hold a few more advantages than sending out a mass text. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits, as noted by our App Development team:

1. Cost – One major advantage of using push notifications over text messaging, is cost. While sending text messages can not only cost your customers (assuming they do not have an unlimited data plan), but it can also cost your business to send out a large number of texts over time. If your users are having to pay for each text, they will most likely unsubscribe and then your line of communication is non-existent.

2. Engagement – While both texting and push notifications to have a 90% open rate, using push notifications has proven to be one of the leading drivers to increase and keep your app user retention rates high. You can include any type of promotion, special offer or updates in your message and direct your users to your app immediately.

3. User Control – Another benefit to using push notifications is that your users can tailor what kind of notifications they receive and when. While this could pose a problem that they may not receive all messages, it can be a positive because it gives your users control over what they see, and how many notifications they receive.

4. Loyalty Retention – Using the option to send your consumers a discount or special offer after making a purchase, for example, is a great way to reward their loyalty to your business. Push notifications can also be used in conjunction with daily bonuses reminders or contests to drive your users back to your app.

5. Target Locations (Geo-Fencing) – Another huge positive with using push notifications, is that you can literally target the areas where users could receive your notifications. One example could be when your customers are walking through the mall, pass by one of your stores, and receive an instant 5% discount on their next purchase. By targeting your consumers’ locations, or having the ability to specify a certain area where your users would qualify for a special offer, you can instantly drive your business up and retain users like never before.

In conclusion, we believe that using push notifications is better for your mobile app and your business. Do you have a question about using them, or would you like to chat with us regarding your app idea? Contact us today if you’re interested in discussing building an app with us and our team of App Developers would love to discuss how we can turn your idea into a reality. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.