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The Power Of Customization: 8 Reasons To Invest In Custom Mobile Apps

People come to us and ask why they should get a customized app and what are the differences between using an off-the-shelf product and getting a custom mobile app built. We have put together a few reasons why custom software development might be the right option for you.

What is Custom Mobile Software

It’s a personalized program built to suit business needs and address a specific set of users rather than providing a solution which caters to a larger group with varying requirements. A custom mobile app allows your business to perform very specific business processes and is mostly used to improve your internal business procedures. However, it can also be directed to your external audiences and, in this case, it’s usually designed to help promote, market and grow your business.

How Custom Software Development Benefits Your Business

There is a wide variety of software solutions out there on the market and you may be wondering why to spend time and money on a custom software solution. Many companies have specific requirements that off-the-shelf solutions can’t address and that is the most common reason why companies look for experienced developers to build customized software for them. Those companies need the flexibility to adapt and update their software as new requirements arise. It doesn’t matter the size of your company, first of all, you have to know how businesses can benefit from mobile apps

8 Reasons To Invest In Custom Mobile Applications:

1. Streamlined Processes

It can be unproductive and stressful to use multiple software pieces to accomplish one task. Through improved integration, everything can be managed at the same application. Moreover, accomplishing all tasks through only one app increases efficiency.

2. Optimized Time-Management

Time-management is a challenge for every single business, it does not matter the industry. However, “one size fits all” time-management apps are too generic and may not fulfil your needs as other variants like tasks, industry requirements, flexibility, and specific data have to be reviewed when searching for a mobile solution.

3.  Return On Investment

Custom does not necessarily mean more expensive. If time is money, in the long run, this can become an exponential equation as the investment into a custom software solution might actually turn out to be less expensive and less time-consuming if compared to multiple pieces of software. One of the biggest questions we get asked as a mobile app development company is “how much does an app cost to build?“. However, it is also crucial to measure your return on investment.

4. Enhanced Business Security

Mobile security has become a major issue today and is one of the biggest concerns companies have. There are a lot of factors that go into app development, and in a world where hacking, data leaks, and cybercrime is more prolific than ever security needs to be at the top of the list when building an app. If you want to protect your data, sharing it with off-the-shelf apps is not recommended.

5. Scalability

Flexibility is key in business and your business growth cannot be a problem. Getting a mobile app developed is an investment that should address both your current and future business needs, so getting an app built by professionals who have longevity in mind adds value to your app. Hire the right team to do it for you and you will be able to count on them in the future as well.

6. Ownership of Intellectual Property

Depending on your contract, custom app development also allows you to own the source code and retain ownership of the product. That’s a benefit that isn’t available with off-the-shelf products.

7. Superior Technical Support

When a problem arises you want to be able to get it solved it as soon as possible. Unlike using a ready-made solution, hiring a custom software development team gives you a direct line to the people who created your software. The lack of technical support can cost you a lot as problems can escalate really fast. Moreover, as your company changes, your software will need to be updated in order to evolve. Be prepared for that.

8. Personalized User Experience

You probably already know your target really well. With a custom mobile app, the user experience can be entirely tailored, tested, and validated to ensure that it meets and surpasses your user expectations, increasing engagement and retention.

The mobile app market is growing as companies look forward to engaging users in new and innovative ways. If you want to get all your need fulfiled and even get solid support for future demands, custom apps may be the best option for you. Contact us to learn how our services can help your business grow through a custom mobile app.