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Vog App Developers got the Clutch award for The Clutch 1000 2018

Vog App Developers Featured On The ‘Clutch 1000’!

Vog App Developers – Featured on the ‘Clutch 1000’!

Vog App Developers continues to excel on Clutch and ends 2018 with a major achievement. For the first time, Clutch has unveiled a new and exclusive honor: the top 1000 companies on their platform. The firms on this list were selected based on their high level of dedication to clients and ability to deliver.

Clutch is a B2B U.S. market research firm that evaluates companies based on their industry experience, market presence and most importantly client feedback. Since being listed on Clutch, the research firm has taken the time to collect 17 reviews from our past clients. We are one of the top mobile app development companies on their platform and are extremely proud to have been featured in this broader Clutch 1000 report.

As a third-party reviewer, Clutch takes an objective approach. Well versed in various industries, analysts at Clutch interview past clients to understand all aspects of the partnership from project management to final deliverables and noteworthy aspects of the company in question. Some new testimonials on Clutch are highlighted below:

“They’re very supportive and on-trend when it comes to what’s happening right now in tech development.”Co-director, HealthsenseRX

“They offered a lot of insight into the development process, presenting ideas that we hadn’t considered.”Partner, Medical Platform

The mobile app development industry is becoming increasingly popular and important for businesses. We are happy to be standing out as a leader in this space. Clutch’s sister company, the Manifest, has also highlighted us in their research, specifically for being an outstanding app developer in the greater Canada area.

We would like to thank our clients who have taken the time to review us on Clutch. We look forward to making even in greater strides in 2019 and are honoured to be considered a top app development company to partner with.

In response to this incredible achievement, The CEO of Vog App Developers: Vince O’Gorman, had this to say about what this means to him and the company:

The Clutch platform and the people working around it allow for an incredibly in-depth analysis of company experience and client feedback. We understand that prospective clients can be a bit leery of app developers due to all of the unknowns that give app developers a bad reputation. Clutch helps clients see the best of the best by exposing our clients to a variety of targeted questions to provide any and all who read it with a completely open view of the project, the client relationship and the project costs and timelines.

As far as this incredible Clutch 1000 achievement goes, I have to thank the experts at Clutch for doing their diligence when it comes to understanding our projects and catering to the needs of our clients who take the time to provide a solid review for us. I also want to thank our staff; good reviews don’t come without hard work and dedication from each and every working member of the Vog staff. My thanks and congratulations go out to every member of the Vog team and we look forward to this being the start of many achievements yet to come!