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Vog Investment

Vog App Developers spend $10 – 20 million investing and acquiring tech companies over the next 18 months

Vog App Developers on the hunt to invest and acquire other dev shops

Vog App Developers aims to spend between $10- and $20 million over the next 18 months, says CEO Vince O’Gorman. The aggressive growth phase will include a mix of investments, strategic partnerships, and acquisitions.

“Our plan is to become the largest custom software development company in Canada,” says O’Gorman. “With the explosive growth of our business in recent years, the rapid acceleration of digitization driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, and a burgeoning tech scene in Canada, we think the time is now to expand our business and deepen our impact.”

This ambitious next stage comes on the back of a decade of extraordinary growth for the company, which saw it expand from a team of two employees to 90 today. It also acquired a development firm in Mexico, and revenue has grown by 200% every single year for the last five years.

“The most efficient way for us to realize our growth ambitions is to acquire additional companies. That will be our focus over the next 18 months.”

Targeting innovative tech companies who are ready to expand

O’Gorman and other members of the Vog App Developers team will be meeting with both investors and startups/scaleups at the Collision Conference in Toronto, which takes place June 20-23, 2022.

Collision is Canada’s largest technology conference with more than 33,000 people expected to attend this year’s event. Attendees run the gamut from thought leaders, to expert speakers and celebrities, to technology enthusiasts.

For Vog App Developers, a prime focus at the conference is connecting with innovative early- and growth-stage tech companies, as well as capital partners and established tech players who can accelerate growth through strategic partnerships.

“We’re excited to build new connections with investors, tech providers and meet with some of the attending companies working on the bleeding edge of technology,” says O’Gorman.

He says the company intends to make investments not just in development shops but in other tech companies that will expand Vog App Developers’ offerings.

Vog App Developers focused on crypto, AI, and networks

Vog App Developers is currently targeting companies that work in the payments space — particularly in cryptocurrency, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and those that are developing “marketplaces on marketplaces.”

“We’re looking for companies who have solved problems. That means they’re at the operating stage or, at minimum, they have a proof-of-concept,” says O’Gorman.

“We’re also looking for companies that want to accelerate their growth like we did at Vog App Developers. That means expanded opportunities and revenues for the companies, of course, but it also means expanded opportunities for their employees to learn and grow personally. It’s important our employees have vibrant, expansive career paths at Vog and that’s something we want to offer to the people in the companies we acquire too.”

This new phase of growth builds on some recent work Vog App Developers has done partnering with clients on original projects.

O’Gorman gives an example: “One of our clients came up with an idea for the clean energy sector. It was just an idea, and it was outside the bounds of the work we typically did with this client. But we decided to pilot the idea with the client and create this little side project.”

“Fast forward 18 months and our client now has $7 million in investments on this idea we helped develop with him. That’s the kind of exciting thing we can do with our clients, and soon, our investment partners and acquired companies.”

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