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Top Digital Innovators Partnering for the Future!

Every individual has two lives: A digital life and a biological life. As technology continues to progress, the verification between the two is more essential than ever. Digital technologies are advancing faster than any other innovation and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this innovation. With financial and health services integrating mobile apps into their operations, the need for honest, accurate and true information is integral in ensuring success and confidentiality. The CEO’s of Vouched and Vog App Developers understand the future of technology. The business alignment between the two companies and potential synergies were far too great for both Vince O’Gormanand John Baird to ignore. Through the pandemic, their vision of togetherness furthered and the partnership for the future became more than just a vision.

Who is Vouched

Vouched is a company that allows you to build trust instantly. Headquartered in Seattle, Vouched has designed a patent-pending technology that uses real time visual ID verification. Through the scanning of an ID and taking a selfie, every consumer or client can be verified in seconds. Their biggest priority is bringing the highest quality integration at an affordable price. Vouched is designed for every innovator. This is why Vouched is designed to be quick and efficient. You can integrate it into your business in minutes. While Vouched is currently serving the health care, financial and gig industries, they have incredible plans to expand. Vouched has raised 3 million dollars to fuel this growth and increase their brand presence. Vouched has the ability to integrate themselves into any mobile application, and it is this value that will allow them to continue to grow through the years to come!

Who is Vog

Founded in 2012, Vog App Developers has established itself as one of the top development companies in Canada. With the basis of building more than an app, but building a business, Vog has been able to propel entrepreneurs and businesses to success. Vog has been able to attract a variety of clients through their high rating and transparents costs. Through strategic design, strong development, quality assurance and digital marketing, every app the Vog brings to market is of the highest quality. Providing high quality at an affordable price has allowed Vog to put themselves in a favourable position in the market. Through robust applications and strong software development, Vog delivers the future, now!

Vog and Vouched

When Vog and Vouched met, the potential was undeniable. A mutual client had seen potential in both Vog and Vouched when working on their project. Not long after the project began, CEOs Vince O’Gorman and John Baird saw synergies between their companies. There is always a demand to validate ID’s in applications, and together, Vouched and Vog have the ability to do so. This is why the relationship expanded and here at Vog, we continue to use the services of Vouched. Since both Vog and Vouched are industry leaders, it seemed logical to find a way to work together,

At Vog, we work with many companies that require verification services. Since we have served the fintech market substantially, we have seen this need come up repeatedly. Vouched goes above and beyond to ensure that their verification services are all encompassing, and that bring comfort and ease to all our clients.

 Both companies wholeheartedly believe in propelling innovators, entrepreneurs and businesses forward by providing great prices and even higher quality. This alignment allows Vog and Vouched to seamlessly take mobile app development and ID verification in a growth direction.

The Future

As the world adjusts to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has come to the realization that in person communications aren’t as necessary as we all once thought. People have the capacity and ability to work from home, do their tasks independent of others, and in the situation where teamwork is necessary, they have the ability to meet online. However, the pandemic has also exposed the gap between in person verification and convenient ID verification. This has created demand for strengthened processes. Not only will this lower operation costs, it will allow all financial interactions, age verifications and general identification to be streamlined. As mobile apps dive into the health and finance sectors, authentication becomes far more important. Monetization of consumers and the mobile app can become more fluid and trusted with the integration of convenient ID verification. This is why Vog and Vouched partnering is the most crucial step to becoming the best. John Baird said “The future is digital, remote and decentralized.” This is what a partnership between Vog and Vouched means for the world. This is the future, and this partnership embodies it.

We look forward to expanding upon this relationship in the years to come. Together, we hope to increase the presence of Vouched services in the Canadian market.

If you want to learn more about Vouched, visit their website. Here at Vog, we believe in building businesses, and that starts by ensuring top of the line verification. If you want to know more, or have software you need developed, reach out to us.