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Why Mortgage Brokers and Real Estate Agents Should Have Business Apps

In this post, we are going to look at why mortgage brokers and Real Estate agents should have a business app. What are the benefits of having an app which represents you and your listings? What benefits can apps have for finding new customers and connecting with old customers?  These questions and more will give more insight into the overwhelming need for having a custom business app.

As any good agent knows to have leads, new or old, can be a driving force in sales and increasing performance. However, what happens when leads run low or even dry? Although you may have more time on your hands, going door to door is not practical, calling out can be cumbersome and haggling for customers looks desperate.

As a mortgage broker or Real Estate agent, meeting new people every day is common and potentially profitable under the right conditions. Networking and making new contacts can lead to deals and sales very quickly. However, what are you doing to keep those connections alive and healthy? No doubt you are collecting email info and phone numbers for future business deals but what happens if you don’t talk to those people for months or even years? Will they remember you? The answer is probably NO but there is something you can do to change that to a YES!

Let me introduce you to your own smartphone, iPhone, iPad or Android app. A new way of communicating with your clients, friends and customers on a personal level. A level that Facebook and even Twitter cannot achieve… let me explain how. When a user downloads an app (yours for example) they are basically telling you that they want to connect to you on a personal level.  Mobile phones are no longer just phones, but instead an extension of who we are as individuals. As users download your app they will also share with friends and family.  Which in turn helps you, your company and your product get more attention and exposure.

Apps are full of quick linking features while providing essential information fast and effectively. A smartphone app is a perfect tool needed to build on current business connections while creating new ones. Keep other agents and brokers up-to-date on what you are doing while connecting to clients and customers with a tool they will love.  Unlike a website, an app is more uninformed for smartphone screens and has a quick link icon for instant content access. Does your website have a quick linking icon for smartphones?

Think about this…

The average read rate of emails is 4%-10%, while PUSH notifications which are only available through smartphone apps have a read rate of 97%. Now when updating your clients with new info, deals or listings a better read rate is better for you.  Wouldn’t you prefer to have 97% of the contacts you know to read what you are publishing?

Along with PUSH notifications, a business app will have instant information that your clients are looking for. Such as your business location, contact information, email contacts, listings, mortgage deals, lending rates, real estate fees, GPS navigation to listed homes and much more.

Having a smartphone business app which promotes your style and business will have 10x the marketing power then any other marketing medium you are using right now. Bus stop ads, newspaper ads, TV ads, website ads or any other type of ad media is either too expensive or overused.

Take for example bus stop ads which are common to Real Estate agents. A bus stop advertising is not interchangeable without a huge cost, the ad has limited visibility and the ad is specific to one area. Although this form of advertising may bring some new customers and clients, for most people it is just another ad.  An ad that no one really pays attention to.

In a world full of ads and signs, getting your message to your clients and customers has to be different.  It has to be eye-catching while remaining simple.  No ad is as effective as having an app with PUSH notification functionality since PUSH notifications have a read rate of 97%.  That percentage of add attention even exceeds high mediums like TV and radio.  However, I just fast forward through TV commercials and change the radio station when I see and hear ads.  With PUSH notifications, app users will automatically read what is sent to their phone through your app.  Simple and 97% effective.

If you are a mortgage broker or Real Estate agent and want to be different, then getting a smartphone business app is what you need.  As you attract more app users the effectiveness of your app will skyrocket. Let us show you how…

Let’s Begin Building Your App!