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Why You Should Hire Local Developers

While we previously discussed a guide to find the best development team for your organization, in this article, we will talk about the shortcut of finding developers that work best for you, which is to hire locally.

Here are a few reasons why hire developers locally will benefit you in the long run:

Communicate without Timezone and Language Barriers

Although the barrier of physical distance is now bridged through technologies, working with people outside the borders can still be an issue when it comes to app development. Clarity and communication are key to set proper expectations, app requirements as well as giving and receiving feedback. Simply put, this process would be so much easier without culture and language barriers, and even much easier if you get to have a face-to-face conversation with your development team when needed.

Additionally, due to time zone differences, working with an oversea agency often causes delays, especially for app development, which requires multiple communication touchpoints and approval throughout the process. 

Prevent Potential Legal and IP Issues

Your codes are valuable intellectual property. Without it, you cannot conduct any future software updates in-house and are forced to stay dependent on your agency. An unethical development agency might be reluctant to hand over your codes or demand a payment that is higher than what’s agreed upon. Another issue that could occur is when unethical developers steal and sell your intellectual property to third parties. 

While you can hold agencies accountable through legal processes within the border, it can be difficult to seek justice when you’re working with an oversea agency. All in all, hire locally to avoid the risk of significant financial loss and time wasted.

Long Term Relationship

When looking for a development team, you should look for a team which you can work with in the long term. By finding an authentic collaboration relationship, you receive support beyond the scope of development. Hiring locally allows you to find a developer that understands your business vision and takes it into account when developing your app. Most importantly, you can easily maintain a long-term relationship for any future app maintenance and avoid the hassle of re-communicating. 

Support Your Local Economy

By hiring locally, you are contributing to the growth of your local economy, rather than sending thousands of dollars abroad. This is also beneficial from the marketing perspective as people generally prefer companies that are dedicated to supporting their local communities. 


At Vog, one of the most common feedback we received from our local clients is that they enjoyed being able to build a strong collaborative relationship in the long term. We care about not only their development work but the success of their businesses. Together, we contribute to the growth of our communities.