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Friends planning a event with the help of a custom custom web application

Why Your Event Needs a Mobile App Part 1

Hosting a large event? It can be tough to get the word out, centralize the information, and attract more people to your event. There are a few reasons your event could use the assistance of a mobile app that can definitely justify the expense, let me explain:

I know what you’re thinking. “I already have a website why would I need an app for my event?.” Let me start out by saying that a website is absolutely fantastic, but if you have read previous blogs, you will understand that the reason most people create an app for their business is that it is a lot more useful and personal than a website. You are likely visiting the best App Developers for your business because you understand that an app carries its own advantages that a website can’t provide. Here are a few simple reasons why you should consider making an app for your event:

Event Buzz

An app can start to create buzz around your event that a website cannot. Users will begin to share your app if you can offer them something that adds value and gets them psyched for your event. For example, Cirque de Soleil offers backstage footage and interviews with their performers showing a small taste of what attendees can expect at the show. Glastonbury Music Festival has a camera in their famous Pyramid Field which shows the stage being prepared for the festival. The best form of advertising is word of mouth, and small tastes of the event through your app can help to generate huge excitement among regular attendees which will generate buzz among their friends, and so on. A couple of examples you can post to generate buzz include:

  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Mini-performances or backstage footage
  • Exclusive Updates

Convenient Trip Planning

Make your app more than just a hub of your event. You can help the local businesses in the surrounding area of your event by putting their names in front of attendees. Your app can help attendees plan their trip around the event by offering tools to help them plan. Displaying relevant information such as a schedule of events will also help attendees plan their trips better especially if they will be attending in multiple locations or over multiple days.

Planning a trip with the help of a custom software application

Event Networking

Consider this, if people are hesitant to attend your event because they believe there aren’t like-minded people, they are less likely to attend. An event called SXSW has an entire social media and directory built into the app that allows users to connect, share, and identify other like minded people. A social aspect lets the event stick with people even after the event has ended, and stay connected through the app and beyond.


A short point but still effective. Even after your event has ended, you can still keep your users engaged by updating them on relevant news, sharing stories they might be interested in, and helping other events and businesses by advertising them on your app. If you keep your users engaged and interested, it will justify the cost of an app many times over.

Stand Out

Although more events are jumping on the app bandwagon, unfortunately, there aren’t as many events using apps as there should be. Fortunately for you, this gives you the advantage to stand out among your competition. Since most traffic online is mobile it just makes sense to eventually incorporate an app into your marketing plan. It also offers the opportunity for other local events, conferences, trade shows, etc to use your app to their advantage. If your event is local and you have a large enough user base, local events such as these will definitely be wanting to advertise through your app, and that is your opportunity to keep your app fresh and relevant, make some money, and bring the spotlight to local events. A winning arrangement for everyone.

If you are still debating on the idea of owning a mobile app for your business, then maybe these helpful numbers will provide you with some decision making power.


There are many reasons that justify getting an app for your business. As mobile app developers, we see all sorts of businesses and events jumping on board with an app idea and seeing incredible success. If an app for your event interests you then please visit the Contact section and we will get to work setting up an appointment to chat about your great idea. I will also wrap up my apps for events article in the next blog post. If your curiosity hasn’t been piqued already, then check out the next article.