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Case Study: Buildster

Case Study – Buildster

When we first established contact with the Buildster team, they were looking to build out an app that would help improve their construction and team management. The app’s main focus was to be on the communication between teams for specific construction projects. Our task was not only to build out the app, but also to make sure the system was user friendly. 

What is Buildster?

Buildster is a collaboration application for construction projects that makes working together as a team that much easier. Within the app you are able to delegate tasks, pass along documents such as blueprints and manage communication of the teams involved. The goal is to make this the number one platform in the construction industry. 

This app was created because the CEO, Dax Xenis, has spent 20 years in the industry and has come to the conclusion that communication could be improved and simplified. Dax wanted to create a system that eliminated the inefficiencies he had experienced within the industry. While having worked in management, he understands the flow of communication and saw the perfect opportunity to streamline and separate processes for optimal efficiency. 

What was our challenge? 

When it came to approaching this project, we were working with the initial goals the company had. The Buildster team wanted an app that could be used on construction projects, but they also needed an app which could help grow business and properly connect the right people with the right job. This became similar to a LinkedIn for construction with multiple features. 

How did we approach it? 

In the beginning, Buildster already had a prototype prepared which we were able to use as a guide. The prototype helped us see what worked and what did not before we began creating. This in turn allowed us to see the previous failures and where we needed to make improvements. The prototype was a wonderful jumping off point and it gave us the opportunity to communicate efficiently with the Buildster team about what was integral for the construction of the app.

Our solution? 

In the end, Vog developed an app for Buildster that met all their demands. Buildster wanted to allow for better communication in the construction industry and better pair workers with the tasks needed. Through the prioritization of simplicity, Buildster was able to see their vision come to fruition. In the end Vog was able to help Buildster convert 20 years of experience into a streamline experience through a mobile app.