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Case Study: DATS

DATS came to us wanting to produce an application that streamlined their management tracking software. This project demanded a lot of Vog. Through the development of an iOS application, 2 billion lines of code were written. 

What is DATS?

DATS is an integrated management system, also known as an IMS. Integrated Management Systems help business clients manage internal safety, quality, environmental and management needs. One of the greatest selling points for DATS, is that the software takes all of these systems and manages them under one program. The application itself brings companies into the digital age and consolidates all their tracking onto one system. 

DATS was created out of necessity. While the world capitalized on the digital transformation, paper tracking was still heavily used. The transition to digital tracking was long overdue. A digital app would more easily be able to keep up with the changes in the industry , but also be able to respond to changes in legislation in regards to tracking and reporting.

What was our challenge?

The largest hurdle we faced was condensing a system that was so extensive, to simplify function on a mobile device. This required ample lines of code and an understanding for the process.

How did we approach it?

First and foremost, our intention was to ensure that DATS had full access to every stage of the project with the ability to track progress. Making ourselves available if they wished to add or subtract features in the application. 


Vog took DATS’ vision and brought it to fruition.. Companies around the globe have been adapting to the digital age, and DATS wanted to embody that. DATS believed that with the help of Vog, they could consolidate their tracking into one system. This would allow for efficient tracking and reporting. Vog provided collaboration and transparency in all of their projects and DATS was no exception. DATS received the support it needed from Vog to feel comfortable in their first journey in the digital world.

If you want to learn more about our work, and how we can help out, reach out. We are a proudly Canadian company producing mobil applications.