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Case Study: Fuel Donkey

We love working with local companies, so when Fuel Donkey approached us we were overjoyed. The concept behind Fuel Donkey is simple and something that truly interested us. We’ve all tested our luck, at some point or another, and found ourselves stuck on the side of the highway with an empty fuel tank. The idea of being able to access fuel when you really need it made perfect sense. Their desire to make ‘fueling up’ more convenient was something that made sense for Vog to take a part in.

What is Fuel Donkey? 

Fuel Donkey is a service that provides worksite and personal vehicles with fuel delivery. It is delivered right to you, wherever you may be. You are able to schedule weekly deliveries, daily deliveries, you can even put rushes on your orders. The application allows you the peace of mind on those days where you forgot to get gas the night before. 

The idea for Fuel Donkey came out of the owners commercial gas business. Retail was the next phase of the company thus Fuel Donkey was born. That is where we stepped in. Fuel Donkey came to us to design their app. 

What was our challenge? 

When Vog began the design of Fuel Donkey, we knew exactly where we wanted to take it. We challenged Fuel Donkey to think beyond the application; How would they grow and what would be next. Fuel Donkey had an excellent business plan. It became a process of  taking this mobile application and their vision and applying it to a long term plan.

The challenge that Vog faces was a full understanding of the business. This included understanding all parties involved: consumers, dispatchers, and  executive team. We wanted to fully understand the details and get all the ducks in a row before beginning the design process.

How did we approach it? 

We approached Fuel Donkey like they were already launched and successful. We tackled building this application with what they would actually need, not just the basics. This application had to consider not only the customers, but how the drivers would interact with it safely as well. 

Fuel Donkey? 

Vog helped take Fuel Donkeys business to the next level. Fuel Donkey integrates fuel and a delivery system. This not only helps individuals in an emergency, but also brings convenience to all its consumers. ‘Fueling Up’ is no longer a chore with Fuel Donkey. The application is dispatcher focused. This allows for streamlined communication throughout the process. Fuel Donkey’s simplified design ensures that it is user friendly and reaches the greatest market. Together with Fuel Donkey, Vog was able to bring fuel delivery to the market.

If you’re looking to develop an app, reach out to us  and we would love to chat! We are a proudly Canadian company and want to help you turn your vision into a business.