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Case Study: JUNKR

Here at Vog, we not only design apps for the individuals using them, but for the efficiency of the company. We feel particularly excited when the idea is fresh and that you didn’t know you needed it until you had it. This is how we felt when approached by Junkr. It solves the problem so many of us face day to day. With the click of a button, you can get rid of your junk. 

What is Junkr?

Junkr is an app that allows the user to get rid of unwanted furniture or other household items that are no longer needed. With a simple click of a button, your junk becomes another person’s treasure. Snap a picture, set a price and have a driver at your door to take it away. Whichever driver claims the item, will be paid to take it from your possession.

Junkr was started by Mike Reinheller, who spent years working in self-storage. Through his experience,Mike has seen it all. Units overflowing with  the odds and ends from years past, that are no longer wanted, ultimately become  junk. The idea for Junkr came to Mike out of necessity. 

What was Our Challenge? 

Working on Junkr was like building a house, and we began framing as soon as everyone started staying home. What else to do but organize and get rid of junk, during a lockdown. 

With that in mind, our initial challenge was creating an app that would capture local attention. How could we construct it in a way that made people want to use it. The idea is already great but we needed the technology to support it. 

Our Solution? 

Combining a pickup system for unwanted items was JUNKR’s goal. Vog helped bring this to fruition through a location based framework. This allows for a seamless pickup process. The simplified UX allows for convenience and efficiency for all the users. Decluttering often leads to finding unwanted items, and with JUNKR’s vision and Vogs expertise, all individuals can help in the process of junk reduction through a mobile app.

Vog is a proudly Canadian company that wants to help develop your idea. We have experience in a variety of sectors and are ready to help you. Reach out for a consultation.