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Launchpad: Vogs Hand in the Future

It is well known that the future is tech! We have seen the increase in demand for tech due to ther COVID-19 pandemic. Voig believed it is important to be an active participant in the industry to ensure that it will have a sustainable future. Having been in the industry for many years, Vog found the growing pains within the industry. It is essential to have experience when working in tech, but it is very challenging to get. This is why Launchpad by Vog was created. Through mentorship, classes, and experience, Launchpad is able to give the tools that are demanded by the industry.

Vog wants the tech industry to strive. Let’s learn more about Launchpad below!

Launching Your Career 

Launchpad aims to take junior developers that are eager to learn more, and give them experience and mentorship. It can be hard to leverage limited experience to get the role you want, but with Launchpad, you can stand out.

There are three key ways that Launchpad assists junior developers!

  • Hands On Experience: While working with real world projects, students of Launchpad are able to tackle business rules, balance client requests, and implement technologies.
  • Mentorship: Launchpad prides itself in its mentorship to students. Through discussions and shadowing an expert, students build key relationships to foster their success.
  • Interview Skills: Students of Launchpad get to hone in on their interview skills. They will learn the recruitment process, and become better equipped to navigate recruitment.


Launchpad acknowledges that sometimes developers want to switch their specializations or they want to become more versatile. Launchpad is a 16-week, highly customized program to transform you into an intermediate developer.

There are 4 specializations that one can choose from!

  • Back End
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web Development

Each specialization is equally important in a project. Understanding where you want to work in the project will heavily influence your specialization.


Launchpad recognizes that both bootcamps and post secondary education equips students with the technical skills. With that said, Launchpad also recognizes that they lack the ability to provide real world experience. To be hired in the industry, it is expected that you have experience. This is where Launchpad comes in. Launchpad is designed to give you relevant experience that is applicable to the current industry.

We want all our graduates to become employed; Their success story is our success story.

Getting Ahead

Launchpad helps you get ahead! Technology is so important, and is seen to have a large impact on a successful economy. By providing mentorship, classes, and experience, Launchpad can have a hand in the future of tech!

Vog wants to propel people forwards. Check us out to see what else we are up to!