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Marketing Your Mobile App The Right Way: Official Launch

You’ve created your app, you’ve followed our recommendations on the best steps for your mobile pre-launch, now it’s time to go live. Our App Developers have created a 3-part series on the best steps to take when considering the best way to market your app and ensure downloads, profitability and success. Read on for the second part in our series, what to do now that you’ve launched your app.

Now that your mobile app has hit the app stores, your job is hardly over – there are multiple ways to continue promoting your app to increase its popularity. Let’s take a look at a few:

1. Create Brand Awareness

To this day, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to effectively promote. How can you leverage this tactic properly? Well, start with those closet to you, ask friends and family to download the app and write positive reviews and ask them to refer other people they know that would be interested in your app as well. Aiming to get as many downloads as possible will increase your ranking in the app stores. Also, link to your app everywhere and anywhere you can, your email signature, your LinkedIn profile, your mobile website, across your social media platforms – anywhere you can think of, heck, even put a QR code on your business cards if you’d like!

2. Engage With Your Users

Paying close attention to your user reviews, comments and questions can be one of the single most important things you do when it comes to the success of your app. What better for your customers than to have their requests met with a live chat, or having immediate follow up with a bug fix they’ve just reported? To be honest, customer service within the app world is as important as it is in every other industry. Ask your current users for reviews, using push notifications or something similar. Keeping these channels of communication open for future issues is imperative to great customer service. Plus, in addition to this, you can offer in-app rewards or promotions to keep your users engaged and remain loyal to your app in the future.

3. Apply For Awards and Professional Reviews

Apply for mobile app awards, both local and on a greater scale. Check your business community or a simple google search for mobile awards in your area usually turns up quite a few avenues for you to apply for recognition awards. If you end up winning one of these make sure to post these everywhere you can, once people see the recognition they are more likely to view you and your app as a good investment. Another positive to this angle is that you’re more likely to be featured in publications or other media, which is great for publicity and visibility within your communities, both online and in the real world. In addition to applying for awards, another way to gain visibility is to submit your app for app reviews.  Do some research to find out which site would be best for your business and possibly which sites your users are most likely to see.

4. Paid Advertising

Obviously, there is always the option to pay for advertising your mobile app. At this stage in the game, you should have already identified your target market, and with this information, you can tailor your advertising to your users’ favourite social media platform. Facebook ads can be highly engaging when it comes to targeted marketing but do consider other social media platforms as well. Another successful channel to promote is through Google ads, provided you are providing solutions that people may be searching for on the web.

Check out our final post in this series coming soon, for details about how to make the last phase of your app launch successfully. Do you have an app idea? Contact us today if you’re interested in discussing building an app with us and our team of App Developers would love to discuss how we can turn your idea into a reality. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.