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Meet The Team: Paisley Dressler

We love telling you all about our team. Every member is an asset to the Vog team, and they all have had an impact on the growth that we have experienced.

Today, we wanted to introduce you to Paisley Dressler. Her persistence and hard work has allowed her to work a variety of jobs and is now the manager of client experience here at Vog.

Tell Us about Yourself!

Hi, I am Paisley, and I am a Calgary girl born and raised. I love this city! I went to MRU and took General Management with a minor in Social Innovation and Nonprofit Management. I was quite set on working in the Nonprofit world during my degree. After starting a charity and volunteering for a few years, I realized that there are some struggles in the field and that my fast paced personality may not be a good fit. I pivoted to social innovation and worked for Calgary Economic Development for three years where I was able to work with hundreds of companies to help them grow in Calgary! I like to say I was a professional cheerleader for the city! It was a super fun and rewarding job. 

Outside of work I am a crazy dog mom. I have a miniature yorkie poo that I am obsessed with. I also love to travel, read, and get outside (in warm weather only). My favourite travel destination I’ve ever been to was Egypt! 

What do you like about Vog?

I love our team! I would say we are a pretty young team and the energy is amazing. I also love working in a fast paced, high growth company that has a culture supporting new ideas and empowering people to really own their scope of work! If you come forward with an idea and you are excited to execute the answer is usually yes! 

Why did you decide to join the Vog team?

After working at Calgary Economic Development, I knew I couldn’t work at a company that just did one thing. After being exposed to so much innovation in different industries I knew I would need more. I was initially drawn to Vog because of the wide variety of projects in different industries and I knew with this job I would still get to do what I am passionate about – help companies grow! 

What does a day in your role look like?

Every day is so different! At any time we have between 15-25 active projects. They range in size and tend to ebb and flow with how much attention is needed on each, so there is always something to do! In a typical week I might have a kick off meeting for a new client, a design review for mockups on another client, a developer meeting to crack some feature we are working on, and a client touch base. Each day is different which keeps it interesting! I’m typically in 4-5 meetings a day with either clients, project managers, or members of my team! 

How would you describe Vog?

We are more than just developers, we are business builders! We always try to go above and beyond to educate our clients, connect them to resources, and advise them on what we think they need for long term success. 

Is this where you thought you would end up?

To be honest it isn’t. I didn’t really know everything that went into making custom software and definitely wouldn’t have thought of it as a career for myself. I didn’t think I had the skills to work at a tech company. What I’ve learned is that tech knowledge can be learned but there are so many other transferable skills that anyone can bring to the table in a career in tech! 

Vog is a team of hardworking individuals working together with a common purpose. If you want to know more about Vog, check out our website. Keep an eye on our job boards for new opportunities!