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Meet The Team: Sonja Mellema

Not only has Vog supported the future of numerous students throughout Calgary, Vog has supported me and my future. 

Hi, I’m Sonja, and I’m the face behind these blogs. I started at Vog in the beginning of January, and have enjoyed every moment. Not only is the culture very inclusive, they have allowed me to grow and learn. My experience thus far has been great.

I am currently working at Vog through the Mitacs program. The University of Calgary had many Mitacs programs that we could apply to. To be honest, I applied to many different roles, and in the end I chose Vog. Mitacs is a way to support small and medium businesses by providing them with quality applicants from different universities. This allows the students to work on a grant basis for a contract amount of hours. In my situation, my time at Vog was to be until the end of April.

I chose Vog because of the overall opportunities they had in store. Being a Sales and Marketing Coordinator would allow me to wear many different hats. Not only did I get to do business development research, grant writing, and of course blog writing, I was able to better understand what the app development process was. I do not have a technological background and this experience has allowed me to better understand the tech industry. Additionally, Vog highlights women in tech, which was a very exciting thing to be a part of.

Vog has a culture I felt like I could be a part of. Everyone is always willing to help, and everyone is looking to be innovative and communicative. There is a diverse amount of backgrounds which is utilized regularly. The collaborative nature of app development is embodied by Vog ensuring that Vog can give every client the best experience. It was a privilege to work with so many different people on many different teams. I knew instantly when I was interviewed by Vog, that this is where I wanted to be.

My role is constantly evolving to the needs of Vog. While sometimes I’m working on a client focused project, there are times I’m working independently on research and marketing. I have been able to get more applicable experience working at Vog than I could have in the classroom. While I am a Finance and Economics student, I was able to learn more about different facets of business, and how even my skill set can be a part of a tech company. 

While my Mitacs program ends in a couple of days, I am super excited to say that I will be continuing with Vog through the summer. I wasn’t quite ready to leave! So, while this is the end of my Mitacs program, it is not the end for my time at Vog. Tune into all the Blogs and keep an eye out for applications to work for Vog. It has been a highlight for me, and I would suspect the same for others.