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Monitoring Screen Time

The average person had 3 hours and 43 minutes of screen time every day. The results in nearly 57 days of screen time every year. What could you do with an extra 57 days? Instead of scrolling instagram, you could read a book, take a walk, or start your own business. Even with that known, we spend hours of time on our devices. 

How can you monitor your time, or even reduce it?

Get Involved

What would you do if you had time for more? While some people would find a good book, others would spend more time with family and friends. Regardless, if you spent less time on your devices, you would have time to do more.

This is why we recommend getting involved in anything! This could be a game night group, a workout regiment, or just time with family and friends. The power is within your hands. When you get involved, you reduce your amount of down time. If you are bored, or feeling understimulated, you are 4x more likely to spend time on your phone.

So, take time for yourself. When you make an active decision to be engaged in other activities, you reduce the time you spend on your devices, in turn giving you time to do more.

Use the Tools Available 

It is well known that humans spend an incredible amount of time on their devices. It has also been researched that too much time on devices can be harmful for mental health. Companies have realized this and built in features to track your time.

All phones have introduced screen time tracking, and are continuously adding new features. These new features better utilize push notifications, allow for scheduling, and providing statistics. All these features can be utilized so you can ensure that your time is being maximized. 


Our phones have been more accessible than ever. With working from home on the rise, we have more freedom with our phones. With that said, it is integral to build a schedule to ensure that your time and efforts are being more efficient.

Everyone responds to schedules differently, so you need to develop what works best for you. While some individuals enjoy ‘no phone’ times, others prefer to schedule times for phones. Sometimes it helps to reward yourself with a phone, while others prefer to reduce distractions.

Finding a balance that works for you is integral. When working from home, make sure you schedule your time to ensure you maximize your potential and efficiency.

Here at Vog, we develop apps for everyone. We like to create new efficiencies, and maximize the potential of digital devices. If you are looking to develop an app, choose Vog. We are a proudly Canadian company that is always ready to chat. Contact us for a consultation.