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2016 – Present


Bitvo’s cryptocurrency exchange platform is an integration with financial services and transaction processing, which provides real-time trading, status, trends and market analysis.




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Bitvo is one of Canada’s premier cryptocurrency exchange platforms. With decades of worldwide experience in banking, capital markets, security and financial services, Bitvo takes the hassle out of buying and selling cryptocurrency and provides a welcoming experience to all levels of crypto trading.


The Approach

The forward-thinking of Bitvo and its leadership team has brought an exciting experience to the project. Bitvo’s push to create new and useful features that separate Bitvo from other exchanges provided Vog with an opportunity to design and develop core functions to the exchange platform that are robust and scalable for years to come. Every feature Vog developed for the exchange was developed for growth and continued phased development by Bitvo. As Bitvo’s client base grows, so does the ability to implement and scale new features faster than traditional development methods.


The Challenge

Bitvo is changing the cryptocurrency experience for everyday people who are interested in buying cryptocurrency.

Vog App Developers partnered with Bitvo to support their existing exchange network while also implementing brand new features that separate Bitvo from other exchanges out there. Our team’s methodical approach was to develop useful tools and features that Bitvo and Bitvo’s customers could use to provide seamless buying and selling of their cryptocurrency and managing their cryptocurrency needs in the online platform.



Bitvo offers a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange trading platform to make cryptocurrencies easier to access and more secure. Now, Bitvo’s customers have a professional, transparent and efficient cryptocurrency exchange experience.

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