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Fizzi App

Mobile App

Fizzi is the newest and coolest app that lets you plan all kinds of parties and events right within the app! It’s the one stop party shop you have been missing.


June, 2018





The Challenge

Offer users the ease of party planning from the comfort of one simplified system, Fizzi is redefining the event planning game from the ground up.

The Approach

The creation of a convenient system that allows users to order, track, organize, pay, and inform guests through one convenient, streamlined system.

the begin

Brand Identity Design

Vog created a brand identity fro Fizzi. Logos, icons and colours were designed to target Fizzi’s audience and provide a unified vision when promoting the app.

what we did

User Experience

Vog focused on creating a meaningful, effective and valuable experience for the best human-machine interaction possible by planning and developing every single feature for the best user’s perceptions and feelings before, during, and after their interaction with the app.

the end


All features needed in a single app for your ultimate party planning: search nearby suppliers, keep track of all the expenses, pay for all items for the party, chat with guests and more.

Download the app and check out all the amazing features and vendors Fizzi has to offer.  Planning your next party has never been so easy!

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