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Health Q

Health Q Technologies is a high-tech company combining skills from various disciplines to provide solutions in the digital health and wellness space.


May, 2018


Health Q


Health & Tracking

The Challenge

Create a reminder app that helps users and its families keep their health care needs organized, centralized, and easy to access. All of the recommendations in this app are based on guidelines from the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care, the Alberta Screening and Prevention Program and Toward Optimized Practice.

The Approach

Tailored to the user’s gender and age, HealthQ lets them view personalized screening test recommendations, create medication reminders, track immunizations and much more. Users appreciate the app’s medication reminders and its immunization schedules.

the beginning


Vog built the app entirely from scratch, which involved designing the logo, designing the UX/UI, and writing and implementing the code. The app allows users to keep track of their immunizations, appointments, and personal medication through medical reminders.

the end


HealthQ is an all-in-one resource to keep your health care in check.The app is now used to give people deep insights into their health and help them to make better choices about lifestyle, diet, exercise, and even medication.

“The app’s comprehensive yet accessible medical information and medical reminders garnered high praise from users. Beyond providing critical counsel and guidance, Vog App Developers strove to accommodate any changes. Their personable approach and outstanding communication ensured a smooth process.”


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