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March, 2023

Luxe Du Jour

A luxurious shopping experience.


Luxe Du Jour




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Luxe Du Jour is an app where users can rent, consign, repair, and buy luxury items.


About Luxe Du Jour

Luxe Du Jour is an online luxury retail platform where you can buy and sell designer items. But that’s not all. CEO and Founder, Tammy Phan, has also expanded into handbag restoration, a division of the business she calls Luxe Spa, and following steady demand, Luxe Bag Rental was born. This latest addition gives shoppers the opportunity to “try before you buy” or rent an item for one-time use. Today, Luxe Du Jour is a multi-million dollar company with sales hitting $9.5m for the fiscal year ending in April 2022.

With the growing popularity of circular fashion and exclusive bags, Luxe Du Jour was outgrowing their Shopify store. They needed a more robust and reliable shopping platform to manage the increased traffic volume. Something that was more tailored to the unique needs of their business.


The Challenge

Client Goal

“Build a custom Shopify.”

Phan wanted to transform her business into a one-stop shop for luxury retail and improve the customer experience by merging all platforms into a single application. Many of her customers use all three platforms, so streamlining the shopping process was a must.

Their old system was difficult to customize, required manual inputs and couldn’t keep up with how the business was scaling. During our time working with Luxe they expanded into multiple new markets – from handbags to men’s fashion to watches. Phan needed scalable software and a reliable development team that could adapt to changing priorities.

“I burned $40,000 experimenting with outsourcing. It was a nightmare and we got nowhere,” says Phan. An offshore development team promised faster development at a cheaper cost, but the risks aren’t always worth the reward.

“Vog gave me advice on my business that didn’t come along with upsells or additional features.”


The Solution

What we did

We built a backend system that would coordinate buyers and sellers, track shipments, payout consigners, verify bag rentals, and manage memberships.

With more than 100,000 monthly website visitors, Luxe needed a platform that could handle the volume and provide a great experience across iOS, Android and Web to meet a variety of customer preferences.

How we did it

The discovery phase helped us frame the complexity of the project and map out how each division would interact with the other. This required us to dive into the business logic specific to Luxe Du Jour. Luckily, Phan had a very clear idea of how she wanted the app to look and feel.

“There was no skeleton. All the ideas came from my head and I had to lay it out for the developer team to make it into a reality.”

By mapping out how to effectively manage the complexity of the business through backend systems, we were able to focus on providing the user with an intuitive experience.

Our team worked with Luxe to identify each type of user and how they would interact with the app. With three different divisions of the business, no two users were exactly the same.

We developed a tiered system for customers where high-spenders receive special discounts. On top of the e-commerce platform, we also added subscriptions. So people that use the app regularly can access reduced consignment rates, event and promotion invitations, free shipping, and more.

The backend was developed with Luxe Du Jour in the middle with every rental, purchase or restoration request approved internally. This allows Luxe to manage quality control, verify product renters and confirm payments. In addition,  we integrated the system with DHL and Canada Post so customers can track their items throughout the delivery process.


A Luxurious Shopping Experience

With a custom e-commerce platform and membership opportunities, Phan expects her customer base to embrace the new app. Since releasing the new apps, and prior to starting any marketing,  Luxe Du Jour has seen thousands of downloads. With time and promotion, that number is expected to grow significantly.

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