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VIP Golf

VIP Golf provides its’ members discounted access to over 75 of the best courses in British Columbia and Alberta.

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The Golf Membership That Fits Your Game


September, 2021


VIP Golf


Recreation & Tracking

The Challenge

VIP Golf’s membership has grown rapidly over the past years, leading to a need to revamp their current app and booking system to better accommodate the new demands. The challenge was to take the complex inventory and booking systems currently in place and create a more efficient system that reduced the manual work for the system Admins.

The Approach

We sat down with VIP Golf in a series of scoping meetings, to review their existing system, new feature requests, and the processes that currently happened outside the system. Together we mapped out a system that created a seamless experience for users making bookings through the app, and a more efficient way for Admins to set up, manage and report on the business.


The result was a multi-platform system that allows users, admins, golf courses, to interact in a seamless, integrated way

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