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Social Media Marketing On A Budget: Part 2

Focus on context, not content!

Speaking of only including meaningful information – it’s so important to make sure that you keep your messages pertinent to what your consumers are looking for. Gone are the days of more content equals more customers. In today’s digital age, consumers want experiences that meet their needs in an efficient manner. Another detail that is important when thinking about meaningful content, is that you need to evolve as a business, just the way your consumers are evolving as well. Facebook is just one example of how they are tweaking the way they display advertisements and the way they personalize newsfeeds for each individual user, depending on their recent preferences, interests and/or searches.


Considering all that is involved when developing a social media strategy, the results can be extremely successful if done the right way. Businesses can no longer afford to continue to follow costly, outdated traditional advertising techniques. Whether your a small business just starting out, or you’re a large corporation marketing through social media platforms can prove to be cost-effective and almost guarantee you get your message out to your target markets seamlessly. Do you have questions about updating your current app strategies or do you have a brand new app idea? Contact us today if you’re interested in discussing building an app with us and our team of App Developers would love to discuss how we can turn your idea into a reality. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.