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Some Alberta businesses struggle to find workers, cite lack of applicants in survey

CBC News

Date Posted:
September 13, 2021

“If the workers don’t exist out there, make them yourself,”

-Vince O’Gorman

Lack of applicants and qualified candidates are the common recruitment concerns today in the technology, agriculture, energy, and hospitality tourism sectors. It is based on the survey distributed to 487 businesses of different scales in Alberta that aims to understand the recruitment barriers better.

According to Vince O’Gorman, founder of Vog App Developers, there is a shortage of skilled developers everywhere and a gap in meeting the qualifications set by the hiring companies. The pandemic has also impacted the education of students, where schools have transitioned to remote learning.

Business owners plan to raise salaries to attract more qualified applicants while others add benefits and flexible work hours. For O’Gorman, it is also important to attract applicants to the company culture and growth opportunities.

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