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> Team Augmentation

Flexible and scalable.


Whether you need an extended team due to a shortage of personnel or a custom team to manage an entire software solution, Vog can help augment your team with skilled specialists in app development, firmware development and much more.

A cost-efficient decision


You can add Vog specialists to your roster as needed. Just need us for two weeks? Sure, no sweat. You don’t need to hire anyone for longer than you need, enabling cost savings for your HR team (they’ll thank you later).

Rent-a-dev lets you move quick


When you need to go to market in a fingersnap, Vog’s team augmentation program is here for you. You can “rent” our developers who can be easily plugged into an existing project, or you can hire a more robust team for longer projects to go live quickly with developers who have deep technical experience in a variety of coding languages.

Why buy when you can rent?


Our curated pool of talented and flexible developers love to watch their clients win. It’s what fuels them, even more than Red Bull and trail mix. If you’re facing a talent shortage due to an emergency or a sudden shift in project scope, Vog can fill in the gaps with expert devs who will invest their knowledge and time into strengthening your digital product.

Let's see what we can achieve together *
Let's see what we can achieve together *
Let's see what we can achieve together *

If you want to learn more about augmenting your team with Vog, contact us today.

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