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The Importance Of A Digital Strategy

Having an app for your business is becoming a critical part of staying in line with digital trends. It’s no longer considered only for the younger generations and is imperative to keep your business on the forefront of all of your consumer’s minds. Our App Development team has come up with a few suggestions for you to consider when taking the steps towards keeping relevant in your market.

When considering who your target markets are, your company can conduct research to develop the best-suited app for your business and it’s potential users. A recent study found that shoppers were expected to make $118 billion in retail purchases through their smartphones, that number has increased significantly from $13.4 billion in 2013. The time to go digital is now.

Keep It Simple

You must remember that almost all smartphone users are being inundated with ads, fliers, emails and push notifications, which is why you need to stay ahead of the curve and get your users to download your app. Being creative in your digital strategies combined with offering a freebie, coupon or providing a loyalty program is a great way to get your users engaged and keep them active in your app.

Streamline And Optimize

The downside to the multitude of apps out there is that users are more inclined to be picky and either pass by the app, or delete the app if they no longer are interested or feel like there is no beneficial use for them to have it on their phones. Pay attention when building your app to ensure it doesn’t take forever to load, is user-friendly and contains unique benefits for your users. Another study states that consumers found about half of their brand apps were no longer useful after downloading, and 22% had deleted more than half of their brand apps.

Customize For Your Users

By utilizing the many valuable tracking tools within your app, you can definitely get some great information about your users, like purchasing activities, to customize specials and offers specifically for them. This kind of attention will most certainly keep your consumers engaged and coming back to your app again and again. If you’re interested in discussing further, visit the Contact section of our website. Our team of App Developers would love to discuss your mobile app, and how we can bring it to life for you. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses!