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The Extroverted World: Foster Engagement

What a world we live in! There is a preference towards having extroverted people in classes, workplaces, and friendships. This societal preference has increased the amount of people that embody extroversion. What does that mean for app development?


One of the key differences between an extrovert and an introvert is the amount of stimulation that they require. Extroverts need more stimulation to prevent boredom, mood swings, and increase concentration. They can handle distractions better due to the fact thet they multitask more frequently. An extrovert in the office is often socializing, working in a group, or listening to music while working. 

When discussing your app, you need to understand this human behaviour. How are you going to engage and stimulate your audience? Many companies do so by integrating interactive push notifications and reminders. Other applications include a gamification, or friendly competition. At the end of the day, your application needs to support user tendencies.

In an extroverted world, your app needs to remain engaging. Having long advertisements, or self empowered apps isn’t how you foster long term engagement.

Social Interactions

The pandemic has highlighted the need for social interactions. People need social interactions in order to feel satisfied. With that in mind, an extrovert has a larger demand for social interactions. It helps fill their cup, and gets them through the day.

In mobile app development, it is strategic to think about how you will ensure your users stay engaged. As the world becomes more extroverted, it is important to find ways that foster social engagement. This can be done through gamification and friendly competition. While the competition doesn’t need to be simultaneous, it is beneficial to have a competition between users. Leadership boards help an extrovert feel like they are ‘playing’ with others.

The extroverted world demands you to look at your application with a wide lens. With the inclusion of chats, posts, or competition, users are better able to commit to enagagement due to the benefits associated with social interactions.

Bottom Line

It is easier to keep mobile app engagement in an introverted world. They need less stimulus to be satisfied. Extroverts are always running at miles an hour, and need to remain stimulated constantly. Oftentimes you will see an extrovert multitasking or doing work and listening to music. This is what keeps them productive and engaged. They also need more human interaction. This is why live chats on websites, video calling, and build in competition are favoured by extroverts. To have an app that succeeds and retains engagement, there needs to be constant stimulation and interactions.

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