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Using Artificial Intelligence In Mobile Applications

For years now the idea of artificial intelligence has been a foreign and challenging concept to mankind. Every movie you see, story you hear or book you read depicts the inevitable downfall of humanity at the hands of artificial intelligence. So with all of this negative stigma around it, why do we continue to pursue it? Can basic artificial intelligence be a good thing for an application? Check out the full discussion on this as told by our App Development team.

If you’ve seen Hollywood classics like The Terminator, or The Matrix, you’ll know that the general feeling towards AI isn’t very positive. So why would you consider putting something like that in an app? It can seem a bit daunting at first, but the idea of AI has been extremely overreacted in most Hollywood depictions. As apps change and evolve, it was only a matter of time before AI stepped into power this innovation as more intuitive apps enter the market. The usefulness of AI allows for adaptability and learning which can be a huge asset to streamlining a process or personalizing an experience. As development practices begin to integrate an Artificial Intelligence, here are a few ways AI will change mobile app development.

A Personal Touch

AI offers incredibly powerful personalization tools as it gains insight and learns from the user. AI can analyze buying habits, information, searches, interests, and more (with the user’s permission of course). As AI continues to make headway in the mobile application industry, you can expect bigger brands to use it for customer satisfaction and engagement. My Starbucks Barista, Amazon Go, and the TacoBot are current AI apps used by big brands to analyze the behaviour of users, predict what they enjoy, and follows their commands by placing orders. By teaching the AI to think and process information the way a brain does, we open the door to limitless possibilities to have an app that truly understands the needs of its individual users.

Smarter Apps

AI can change even the most basic of app functions for the better. As machine learning becomes smarter, so does the apps we can expect to see in the future. Take a basic eCommerce app. By scanning a bar code/QR code, you could get the information contained in the code, plus additional information relevant to you such as release dates, new products, upcoming tour dates, nutritional information, and more! By letting AI learn from whatever it is you’ve searched or scanned, we open the doors for developers to add a whole new layer of ease and convenience to your mobile application. This is something still in its early stages of development, but talk to your App Developer about the possibility AI can present to making your app smarter, and in turn, your user’s lives.

How To Process Big Business Data For The Individual?

As companies embrace digital change, it will become increasingly more difficult to process, maintain, and interpret user data for the individual. This can have many meanings. On one hand, businesses processing large amounts of internal data will require AI in order to provide data focus, collection and input. AI offers a more cost-effective approach rather than hiring someone to interpret large amounts of data or conduct market research. On the other hand, big business like eBay are using AI to cater more to its customers. AI offers the unique ability to provide helpful customer service, an intimate shopping experience, and a personalized approach. In the example of eBay, eBay’s AI tailors your home screen based on your likes, interests, searches, and even photos you have on your phone. the AI can scan all of this to display what it believes you’re looking for based on your current digital footprint.


Users are no longer satisfied with the limitations that mobile apps themselves present. As apps evolve, it will become necessary to integrate AI interactions between user’s phones, apps, smart homes, and daily routines. The future of mobile app development is here, and we at our Toronto App Development office believe that it lies strongly in AI and machine learning and that without it, your application may no longer be relevant in the market. If you’re interested in discussing your app idea further, visit the Contact section of our website. Our App Development team will be in touch with how we can turn your app idea into reality. At Vog we build more than apps, we build businesses.